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We're committed to work along side with our clients to design and manufacture the best performing parts

Precision Automotive parts for your applications

Large to small appliance parts from front plate to hinges

We are the leading Plumbing & Hardware manufacturer

Aluminium furniture parts, from cross feet to arm rest

With over 40 years experience and collaboration established in the die casting industry, Kungi is able to provide state-of-the-art solutions, perfectly tailored around your product and process specifications. All our design and engineering is done in-house with a quick turnaround. So, whatever your needs are (from prototyping to production), we are glad to offer our expertise in order to help you deliver the best product to your end-consumer.

Who Are We?

For over 40 years, Kungi Diecasting Inc. has been producing high quality OEM parts and accessories for our clients. We are the leaders in die cast Aluminum and Zinc, running one of the longest plating lines in Southern China. When you work with us, the whole process is managed by our team of project managers who will adapt to your company’s specific die casting needs.

Why choose us?

Punctual Delivery Time

No one wants to deal with late shipment and late deliveries. We’re confident that our team can ensure you get your parts on time and free of defects.

First Class Facilities

We operate a first class, all-in-one facility, while maintaining a highly experienced team of tooling makers, designers, operators, engineers, quality control and front office staff.

Differences in Quality

To ensure all of our clients receives the highest quality products every one of our finished batch goes through a stringent testing standard of CASS 4H Level 10 and CASS 24H Level 9

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Contact Kungi Diecasting Inc. today for a customized quote to see how we can help you. We specialize in Aluminum, and zinc die casting. 


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