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Die Casting

Die Casting

We’re specialists when it comes to Aluminum and Zinc die casting. Our facilities includes both semi-automatic and automatic belt feeder system with automatic extractor and spraying system. With an annual capacities of 3,000T for our Aluminum Alloy Die Casting and over 4,200T for Zinc Alloy Die Casting. No matter how large your project is you can be sure that you’ll get quality and cost effective parts for all your die casting needs.

Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

Aluminum die casting offers a number of advantages over other metal alloys in die casting. Chief amongst them is that aluminum alloy are able to create lighter parts and its ability to withstand high operating temperature while dissipate heat quickly. Additional benefits also includes its high tolerance of being corrosion resistants, and the ability to cast sharply defined, smooth or textured-surface.

Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy:
-High operating temperatures
-Outstanding corrosion resistance
-Good finishing characteristics

Equipment List:
6 x Cold Chamber Machine (160T – 2,000T)

Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Zinc die casting alloys are strong, durable and cost effective die casting materials. Overall, Zinc provides the best combination of strength, toughness, rigidity, while being a highly conductive alloy. Additionally, Zinc also provides superior finishing capabilities that make this alloy an unrivaled material choice for die casting.

Characteristics of Zinc Alloy:
-High strength and hardness
-Excellent electrical conductivity
-High dimensional accuracy and stability
-Excellent thin wall capability
-High quality finishing characteristics

Equipment List:
12 x Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine (80T – 800T)